Q&A With Cosmo's Midnight

Cosmo's Midnight - Lead Image.png

Sydney electronic duo Cosmo's Midnight are two of Australia's brightest and more eclectic producers on the scene right now. We had a chance to chat before they take the stage to headline our final (and SOLD OUT!) Island LIVE event of the series! 

1.     Welcome back to The Island LIVE! Since the last time you played at our event in 2017 you’ve been killing the music scene! From tours to festivals, what has been the best show you played? 

Hey! Glad to be back. Our last time on the island was heaps of fun. Honestly I think our best show of last year and potentially ever was Falls Festival. All the stars aligned and we had some of the biggest, funnest crowds we’ve ever played to. 


2.     A congratulations is definitely in order for you guys, you must be excited to be apart on the Groovin the Moo tour! Can you tell us any big plans of forthcoming releases up your sleeves? 

We’ve been hoping to play GTM for a while now and we’re over the moon to be playing with such a great lineup for this year's run. Over the last two years or so we’ve been in hibernation working on lots of new music to give to everyone and it’s all led to one of our biggest musical endeavours. Can’t wait for everyone to hear it.


3.     Your collaboration with Winston Surfshirt is loved by everyone, from Spotify Viral Australia, Top 10 iTunes to Zane Lowe’s highly regarded Beats 1 playlist!  How did this masterpiece come about? What was it like working with Winston?

This track came about super organically. I was playing bass over a really simple beat and it had this nice little groove going. But when Winston hopped on the mic we felt like we could put it out then and there. From that point the track kind of wrote itself and we just beavered away to get it done. 

4.     It’s been a while since you played a DJ set in Sydney, what vibe can we expect you will bring to The Island LIVE? 

One of my favourite things about DJ sets is getting to hear what music the artist I'm seeing likes to listen to. So in saying that, we’re going to be playing all of the artists that inspire and influence us and also just tunes we like to get down to. 


5.     Your eight-show sold out tour last year gained so much traction. What were the tour highlights? 

Our tour of History last year was almost right off the back of its release. So we were a little curious as to whether people would know it by the time the tour rolled round. But it was so much fun! Everyone was loving our new stuff and the shows were so high energy! We cant wait to do more.


6.     With your last few singles you have kept a similar looking album artwork (great artwork BTW!). Is this merely a coincidence or can we expect a full album or EP out soon? 

These artworks are by the extremely talented Charlotte Mei and are definitely part of a bigger story. Hopefully we can show more soon. 

7.     Finally, the hard hitting question. If you weren’t musicians, what talent would you have at a world record status, and why?

Damn if I wasn't a musician hmmm maybe I'd do some form of art like painting or drawing, i remember really liking that in school. Either that or something to do with games, I've been into those since day 1.

Cosmo's Midnight's DJ set on The Island live will be their first appearance in Sydney in about 8 months! If you were one of the lucky ones to snag a ticket to the party, make sure you head over early and enjoy a cocktail while watching the mesmerising sunset over Sydney Harbour!