Q&A With Groove City


We caught up with the funkiest duo, Dan and Cal, from Groove City to chat about influences, music machines, and Pina Colada's, of course.

Groove City will be playing our SOLD OUT Island LIVE party which will be the final event for the series. We couldn't be more excited to see them turn Sydney Harbour into a dirty disco dance floor!

Hey guys! So good to have you guys back for our final The Island LIVE event for the series! Seeing as you killed it last time, what do you have in store for the next show? 

Hey and thank you guys for inviting us back! Last time was so much fun but we are most definitely stepping it up a notch for our return. More live elements and much more dancing. 


Your remix of Confidence Man’s man Better Sit Down Boy is all things funk, smooth and sexy. Will there be any more remixes coming out? Can we hope that this remix will be performed live?

That’s funkalicious, such kind words. We actually have our next cover ready to go which we plan to release right before the show, so that should be fun. We weren’t planning on playing it but I guess we will have to wait and find out if it makes its way into the final set list. 


Your last live show was at Lost Paradise and you guys looked phenomenal! What will be the outfit choice for The Island LIVE? Another Elvis inspired look?

Oh man Lost Paradise was something else… We are planning to go the more ‘nautical funk master vibe’ for The Island which is gonna’ be real fun.


You guys have been smashing out the singles and remixes, what do you have planned for the rest of the year?

We have been in Melbourne for the past month getting as much of our music written and recorded as possible which has been incredible, and have some pretty exciting shows booked that we can’t wait to share with everyone


Who are your biggest influences on your songwriting? Do you prefer to take inspiration from the original Disco stars, or from Nu-Disco artists?

We definitely take heaps of inspiration from the original Disco stars like Shalamar and CHIC; but Calum used to write blues rock so he uses what he learnt from those years and brings it into what we are making now, which makes the unique sound that is Groove City. We also look up to more current artists like Total Giovanni and Confidence Man to help shape our sound/image too.


From your Instagram, we can see that you have been updating your musical equipment bit by bit. If you could have any single instrument/program/machine in the world, what would it be?

Without a doubt we would love to get our hands on a Minimoog synthesizer. We use an emulator software of it but there is nothing like playing with the real hardware, is there? Having a keytar eventually would be good times too.


Now, think carefully about this one. If you had to choose a cocktail that represented each one of you, what would it be and why?

Dan – “Sex on the Beach” for obvious reasons… 

Cal – “I like Piña Colada’s and getting caught in the rain”

Groove City – “Old Fashioned” We’d give anything to spend the weekend at Studio 54 back in the 70’s.

Make sure you catch Groove City as they play the last set of the night on The Island LIVE!