Touch Sensitive - 5 tracks that sound like a Tropical Paradise

We can’t wait to have one of our favourite Island LIVE guests Touch Sensitive back on the Harbour with us next Friday 24th March.

Tickets have long sold out, but to get us in the mood we asked Touchy what are the 5 tracks that sound like a tropical paradise. This is what he said…  

Willie Colon - Set Fire To Me (Latin Jazzbo Version) Inferno Dub
I originally purchased this as an educated guess, anything with “Dub” on it gets me. To this day I never ever get tired of hearing this.

Glossy Edits - Try Try
Samples Talib Kweli feat. Mary J. Blige - 'I Try', I guess the steel drums make it tropical for me, first time I heard this was via favourite DJ Chad Gillard many many years ago and the moment it happened lives on within me.

Herb Alpert - Rotation
Context, I knew this well but it wasn’t until last year when I was at a beach party in Italy with some friends on a spiritual journey and the DJ played it, that I found a new appreciation for it. The machine gun bass wobbling in and out of time at times and the muted clarinet part excite me most, Herbs trumpet playing is a given.

Lucas Arruda - Melt The Night (XL Middleton Remix) ft. Leon Ware
R.I.P Leon Ware, a cool modern funk take on the original by XL Middleton. The original is cool too, actually the entire Lucas Arruda record this is from is cool.

Van She - Coconuts
I made this song a few years ago with my friends because everybody in the band likes coconuts, then someone made a clip for it.