Q+A with Adi Toohey

Friday is fast approaching, as we count down the days to the second edition of The Island LIVE withLate Nite Tuff GuySimon CaldwellAriane and Adi Toohey. We caught up with guest selector Adi ahead of the SOLD OUT event this Friday to chat Sydney club life and community radio.

Make sure you keep one eye on the next line up announcement... we guarantee you won't want to sleep on it. 

UC:  Your top 3 track predictions for the track of the summer 2017?
VO – Mashisa (Dub Mix):
 Recently reissued by Invisible City Editions, you’ll no doubt be hearing this happy South African jam around town this summer.

Music People – Always On: A collaborative effort out of camp Mood Hut in Vancouver and Max D of Future Times, this one is set to cause a stir when it drops.

The Pilotwings – Balearic Nordine. This French duo turned heads with their first few releases on BFDM and Macadam Mambo, and their new album sounds just as good.

UC: Favourite thing about Australian club culture?
Right now there’s a real sense of community in Sydney in the face of the lockout laws. It’s sad that it takes something like that for everybody to band together but seeing everyone come out for the Keep Sydney Open rallies really warmed my heart.

 UC: In 2017 you’re most excited about?
Throwing more fun parties with my Rimbombo besties Earl Grey and James Greville

 UC: Best advice for staying active in your local music scene?
Go out, throw parties, make radio, make music, intern for somebody.

UC: Who or what inspired your love for vinyl?
I guess a lot of the DJs I looked up to were playing and putting out records, and then I took a few trips to the States (where the records are abundant and cheap), which really sealed the deal for me.

UC: What do you love about community radio
The people you meet through community radio crop up throughout the rest of your life as potential housemates, venue bookers, lifelong friends, etc.

 UC: Favourite summer vacation destination is?
Pretty sure we live in one of the world’s greatest summer vacation destinations!

UC: If you could play b2b with anyone in the world it would be ?
On one hand I’m tempted to pick one of my favourite DJs like Hunee or Jack J but in reality I would probably freak out, and to be honest I really love playing with my closest friends, whose taste I know and trust.