Q+A with Yahtzel

Sun it hot, set times are out and we're gearing up to welcome nightclub regular and festival favourite Yahtzel to The Island. 

Fresh from his national tour supporting ODESZA, what better place to catch his sparkling indie electronica than tonight as the sun goes down? 

UC: Your top 3 track predictions for the summer anthem are?
1. Kilter - They Don't Know Us
2. Louis The Child - From Here
3. Hayden James - Just A Lover

UC: Favourite thing about Australian club culture?
Probably would have to be the diversity of the music that a lot of people listen to. 

UC: This year you’ve been most excited about?
Finishing up some new music i've been working on. I've been experimenting a lot more so i'm excited to get them out!

UC: Top 3 moments during the ODESZA tour?
1. Playing some of this new music and getting some good vibes back
2. Getting to see their show 4 times in a row
3. LOTS of good food

UC: After your first USA tour earlier this year, your top 3 travelling tips are?
Pack a small 1 meter extension cable for awkward hotel powerpoint placements. Plus a A HDMI cable for hotel TV's (not all work with plugging in a HDMI for some strange reason but a lot of the time if you pull out the ADSL or ethernet cable that runs a lot of the movie / in room services it will connect.)

UC: What’s your secret to curating the best party playlist?
Would have to be asking a few key friends what their fave jams are at the moment.
Also finding those songs on youtube then letting it auto-play through more tunes like them is always a good way to find new tracks or some you haven't thought of in a while

UC: You recently released a great new EP how do you approach writing new music?
Usually just get some chords going on my favourite synth and go from there, i like to work through 4 or so sets at a time and keep my mind fresh and not to swamped from one track.
Also getting out into the wilderness or heading to the beach with my laptop is always good!

UC: What’s your favourite summer vacation destination?
In Australia : Jervis Bay on the NSW south coast
Abroad : Would have to be Hawaii, I've been there a few times when i was younger so it's a bit of a nostalgia thing as well. I'm a sucker for the cheesiness of Waikiki too.

Did you know Abraham Lincoln's dog, Fido, was also assassinated?

Don't forget water taxi's will depart Man O'War Steps from 5pm, see you on The Island.