Your favourite summer event is back. V Movement & UNDR ctrl present The Island LIVE’s first party of the year this Friday night. We interviewed each of our artists to give you a little extra insight into our very exciting line-up and kicking it off are Nick and Stu, aka Set Mo. After a national tour and a remarkable set at Splendour In The Grass this year, the pair have been kicking DJ goals all over Australia. 

UC: What’s the vibe like when you two get in the studio, is it yin and yang or do you come up with most of the writing together? 
SM: The vibes are always high! When it comes to the creative process we’ll normally plan little “writing camps” where we lock ourselves down for a couple of weeks and bang out at least one rough demo a day. At the end of this we go back through and pick out our favourites and develop these ideas into tracks ready for vocalists or the club.

UC: Earlier this year you wrapped up a very successful national tour, give us the highlights from hitting the road together?
SM: We had such a rad time flying around the country together and playing a whole bunch of new clubs. Words can’t describe the feeling when a crowd sings the words of your song to you on your first visit to their city! 

UC: Your Splendour in the Grass set was widely regarded as one of the highlights of the festival. What was that experience like and how did you approach your sets?
SM: What a compliment! It’s definitely a highlight of the Set Mo journey up to this point, it’s by far the largest crowd we’ve ever played to and it was our first festival set. Because we were given the chance to play 2 separate 30 minute sets we thought we’d mix it up (excuse the pun) and deliver one comprised of original material and our remixes and the 2nd we decided to throw back to some of our major influences and deliver a classic house set which you can find below. We’re super grateful that we were given the opportunity to play and stoked that everyone enjoyed it!

Click for Set Mo "Classic House Set" Splendour In The Grass

UC: 'White Dress’ featuring Deutsch Duke made a huge impact on the dance music scene this year, clocking up over 1 million plays on Spotify alone.  What’s the story behind the track? 
SM: We flew over to Europe about this time last year and during the trip hired a studio in London for a week, this is after a week in Ibiza for the closing parties. We spent the week doing one of our writing camps and on one of the days wrote the backing that would become White Dress. We headed back to Sydney and played some of the tracks to our friend Deutsch Duke, who has a studio in the same building as us. He was vibing and together we all sat down and wrote the lyrics and Deutsch brought them to life that night laying down the vocal.

UC: Can we expect to hear a follow up single any time soon?
SM: Maybe ;-) Keep your ears peeled late October.

Click for Set Mo "Classic House Set" Splendour In The Grass

UC: In a recent interview with MTV you mentioned you have a list of dream collaborations, who is at the top of that list right now?
SM: We would definitely love to write something with Ali Love, we both love his voice and we feel he’d be a great fit on a Set Mo track.

UC: And if you could choose your dream producer to remix YOU - who would it be?
SM: It would be amazing to get a Groove Armada remix, we love how prolific they’ve been for their entire career (2 decades!!) - both in the club and the charts! 

UC: Ok, you’ve washed up on a deserted island and the universe will send you 3 things. What are you going to ask for?

ST: 1) An instruction manual on building things out of palm trees and coconuts
      2) Sunglasses
      3) Solar powered studio set up

ND: 1) A Frisbee
       2) Matches
       3) A plethora of Hawaiian shirts 

UC: What are your 3 tips for summer (can be anything!)?
SM: Aloe Vera in the fridge for when you cop too much sun (on the island) and always have a pair of swimmers in your backpack/car. Stay hydrated!!!

You can catch Set Mo alongside The Ashton Shuffle and up and comer Dena Amy this Friday 9th October. Link to last remaining tickets via GiggedIn below.